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In a sudden turn of events, Sony has initiated it’s acquisition over Bungie, the once legendary Halo creator and now Destiny curator.

Sony has been dominating the single player, story driven games, but it’s lack a presence in the multi-player, FPS as a live service market. Now, they have an answer.

Killzone never worked for Sony, and it seems less likely they’d want to revive Insomniac’s Resistance, so why wouldn’t they pick up one of the best FPS studios in the market which years of experience.

The best thing about Bungie is that they provide you with the full product. Bungie doesn’t just dish out multiple content, but has a meaningful world and story behind its IPs, Destiny being a prime example of a universe with rich lore and lively characters.


From climbing technological dinosaurs in Horizon or surfing through worlds in Ratchet and Clank, Sony has perfected what it means to deliver a memorable experience.

It’s no doubt that Bungie must be working on an exclusive FPS live service title for Sony. But what could it be?

I hope it’s not just a counter to Halo or Call of Duty, that wouldn’t be as interesting. I think a very interesting position it could take would be to enter the Hero Shooter market.

Overwatch is the sole king of that market as it offers sublime objective focused FPS action with charming personalities. League of Legends offers another similar yet different experience, but also has that element of different character, hence their take on Valorant worked really well.

The market is ripe for the taking for Sony with a story driven multiplayer game with engrossing characters that can earn themselves in the Playstation icons catalogue.

Not only is this a less saturated field, but one with most chance for innovation…



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