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The Batman Review: There are No Villains, Just Ignorance of Vigilance

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11 min readMar 5, 2022

“What does a liar do when dead?” He lies still — The Riddler, The Batman

Perspective into Review:

The best way to describe this iteration of Batman is by highlighting it as an interaction between an introduction and an invitation. I’m glad that we are guided by Gotham’s guile and gore as the movie is its own riddle. The movie isn’t attempting to be an origin story, but does just that, in a way that highlights that your audience will care about everything that isn’t mentioned.

We know who Batman is, we’ve lived in this world countless times, whether in previous films, video games, or animated projects, and this movie respects that and focuses on the world. It’s similar to what makes Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse so great too. Trusting your audience allows you to focus on what’s truly important, the narrative. Matt Reeves was able to express his vision beautifully as we didn’t have to explore where these characters are coming from, but who they really are.

Obviously, you’re going to go into this movie thinking about how Robert Pattison compares to Christian Bale, and we get that answer. But it’s not so much in portrayal as much as it’s in experience and surroundings. The core concept this version of the character and world weighs is the entire Batman mythos. You may go in as a spectator, but you’ll leave witnessing a spectacle.

Story — Iconic, [Fantastic], Scenic, Static, Erratic

The story is a simple one, but that’s good as it allows the movie to breathe without feeling too complicated, and not detract from its vision. The goal of catching The Riddler is what gives its performance its acts.

We’re presented with more of a world’s greatest detective story which revolves around…



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