Philosophy: The Sin of Curiosity

As much as we want to be seen as simple and pure beings, curiosity claws at all our hearts. It’s why we’re here today, and why we strive to thrive for a better tomorrow. It’s how we move on despite all our sorrows, hoping that just some of our questions are answered.

There is an Answer Waiting for Us

Death is one curiosity, but perhaps it’s that finality that brings beauty. And yes, curiosity killed the cat, yet satisfaction brought it back (hope that quenches any indication of doubt you had if that line was incomplete or oddly awkward and unsatisfactory).

Perhaps our minds go blank towards the thought of death. But do our minds not open when asked a question. Maybe death is not an answer, but the question awaiting us. And life is that very answer, or at least how we mold it to be one.

How we have lived and will live always comes down to what we want. The ending may not be in our control, but that’s only if we see it as an ending.

It can feel uncomfortable, but it’s the most certain of all uncertain which makes a peek behind the curtain all the more to ascertain.

What We Want from Life

This life is just so short, and there’s so much space yet so less of this fleeting, infinite time we get. It has this bittersweet flavor coating you. And just as we pass and feel this world fill us with life and energy, inadvertently it’s leading to something just as lifeless. But perhaps instead of a destination, we can look at it as a transition to a place that matches the expression of our inhibition during life and a way to find clarity in disparity.

A transformation. Pandora’s Box. The Apple of Eden. However you want to perceive it, you have to realize that it was our mistakes, dubbed as sins, which brought us here today. That is what makes us humans. We err, promise to make an attempt to better ourselves, yet there is no doubt we will compromise on either action or intention. After all, doom looms behind honest and earnest intentions, yet our curiosity overcomes the best of false inventions.

Wear your heart on a sleeve and learn to trust just as much you doubt. Treat them like yourself, just as much doubt in your ownself compared to trust in them. Yet, never be afraid to confront your own darkness as that is the harness to your greatness. If everything was as clear then we’d never venture forwards, but it is because of the prowess in our potential that we dream to be special. That does not mean it has to be unordinary, yet the very thought can be honorary.

Everything Can Go Wrong, and Everything Will Go Wrong

There are lies and sorrows which play games of charades. Some haunt us to our past prevailed and others taunt us to futures fatale. There are truths we hide in the dark, masks we switch by the bark, and the moonlight which begins to embark, only when the sun departs. There is a mix-match and a mismatch as there is light around us, but the sun appears dark. There is night around us, yet the moon flashes like a metallic flask. There are worries that deter us from moving forward, forming walls, yet if we take a few steps backwards, we realize that those walls form a staircase forwards.

And Everything Comes In Pairs, that is Your Guide from Despair

Maybe our truth lies in the dark. And when we’re alone, that darkness shines upon us. And the mask identifies the kaleidoscope of who we are, more than just one expression but a roulette of randomness which makes all of us. And perhaps, we can learn to trust doubt as it’s also true to us and we may never live up to other expectations so it makes sense to treat others the same way in that regard. And perhaps, the moon absorbs our queries and worries as there it’s nothing but light amongst the darkness.

It’s literally a beacon guiding us, and there is darkness everywhere to uncover within and outside, but obvious enough always a light to follow along too.

We Can Never Stop the Inevitable, yet We Can Embrace Incredible

Find an honest point of inflection — a person, partner, thing, hobby, desire, a potato crumb — that will become your source of reflection. We are only as strong as we allow ourselves to be.

The easiest metric of how we gauge our own determination and destruction is through our coping mechanisms. We have to learn to trust, appreciate ourselves, but it is truly how we deal with insecurities that expresses the authorities to our liabilities. We are our own demons, but do we allow ourselves to be our own heroes too?

The negative is inevitable, yet the positive is incredible — for how it comes and how it feels afterwards. We can never run, we can always hide, yet only sometimes can we confide in our own demise. That is how we find our paradise.



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