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Life is a game of gambles and shambles, but frequently you are glazed with glorious gambit and ample ambles.

We Run From What We Are, Chasing What We Don’t Need

Our wants are an illusion. We lie to ourselves, justifying that we need what we want. Yet they are but thorns to the real rose waiting for us. We get consumed by what our desires aspire to achieve.

We hide from reality, yet we seek to change it. The parody of this paradox lies in the irony that we build reality as we speak.

Consumed by the ordinary, we don’t let ourselves speak to us. We don’t give ourselves the time and space to listen to each heartbeat play out its rhythm. We run and we regret. But had we taken a breath, we’d have begotten the very essence of why we had forgotten. On the path to the end, we bend ourselves in ways we didn’t imagine. Some are necessary, but others are arbitrary. We are always who we seem to be, yet the truth remains a mystery. As we can never be anyone else yet not be our true selves. It takes time to see our own identity.

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Lost and Found isn’t a Place, Yet a State

Lost and Found is a place we never check, and life is a die we forget we roled long ago. The true lie resides within our own ability and potential. They are two sides of the same shadow. Some realize themselves while the rest release themselves. Yet they all come from the same source, a love for what could be.

Hide and Seek is a game we never stopped playing. We started as children, seeking, and as adults, we hide from the children we once were. The deception would lead you to call it maturity, but innately because of the disappointment.

It’s when we run away that we find ourselves anew. We have to learn what we already knew. For the past, present, and future are only dimensions for physics, yet metaphysics exists all at once. Why wait for the future when you can have it… now. It’s not in our control, yet it’s always within our grasp. Why wait for the inevitable, yet meet it to its finality.

Live and let live. Yourself and themselves. You can never be free unless you let go. And if it is yours, it will be.

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Do you look at her? With your heart huffed with harmonious hostility, and your mind mumbling with secrets you wish you knew. Your tenders tighten and your control captures you. And does she look back? With an expression erred with desperation for your attention? No.

Maybe. Yes? It’s in your mind. It really doesn’t matter.

Our Differences Makes Us Similar

You confused charity for charm. But that is what our minds are. We trick ourselves into understanding the opposite, justifying the means to our ends. Men and women aren’t so different. We want the same thing, we just ask differently. One of us is trying for attention, yet the other is trailing by impression. When the two meet, some may call it destination, but it’s really a moment of desperation. Where one weeps and the other sweeps, not tears nor dust, yet the years left to rust.

Were we all just clear about what we wanted and stopped the complications, we’d be happier. We’re so afraid of what the other may say that we stop to think. And when we think of what the other may say, we sway away.

We were never meant for war, but union. It was always the difference that disturbed the communion and community — literally asking for us to cum.

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Yet if we all just let it go and let all our lips relish to the pleasure of life’s lies, whether true or false, shall we reach an answer, neither veritable nor vicious, but simple. As that is what life is before the lies.

A fairytale and lullaby is only as ever sweet as our innocence as even the fairy godmother was only a few rhymes from a wish and a grave.

What most people feel is a projection of infatuation. And just like that, we chase after what was a fallacy. But this time we have no personality to face rejection.

But that is just the first factor. The very first lie between the war love plays on life. But once we understand that we possess both power and panic, we can deem the worth of pursuing the manic. For what is now clarity can be chased, and what is now chastity can be embraced.

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We are only ever so distant from our own shadows, yet they, too, shine darkest when we welcome our lies lightest. And once we learn to wrap ourselves with our own, do we understand our tone. We can allow others to peek, yet never peak over us. Yet, if we deceive ourselves for what we want, we’ll always be a pawn to the powerless pandemic, and fail to see that we are our own medic.

As every embryo descends in the dark before it can ascend to life. As the light is too bright and full of terrors, but we are the truth that lies in portions, some a poison and others a potion, but all are equally tainted with some distortion.

And then she will look. Not at you, but in you. For if she were real, and not what you fear, then you’ll be able to stand up to your own rear.

But remember, the greatest lie is the one she told you, the one that she, too, loves you.

A Whole New Word

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But when I understood her, the one I wish I could call love. I realized I had already been deceived.

There is a beauty to letting her speak. She is part of us all. The ugly and bleak. Yet the glimmer of hope. She wants you to trust her and undress her. She wants you to impress her and dominate her. She’s watching as you go. She’s watching as you come. But never is she with you, but the only who you want with you.

But there is a catharsis in realizing our rashes. It allows us to accept them and deal with them.

Everything hurts. And maybe that is what life is. Flashes of what can be, mixed with harsh yet mellow remedies that help us understand that we were all we were ever promised and that we’re all we’ll ever need.

Once death wakes us from this dreadful dream, can we understand why we ever dared to live.



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