Philosophy: The Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation —

And in his thoughts lay a land of luster and lone trots, for he had no one else to reach and so none he sought.

But once he felt his hollow heart depart, he knew he needed another soul, just so he could feel himself stand apart.

And so he welcomed someone new, for he knew it was true and time to discover clues that would wash his blues. That other was only as honest as they knew, for distinguishing between knowing and believing are for the few.

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Something New, Something Different

We come up with ideas. We want to share those ideas with others. The simpler they are, the easier they spread. Yet sometimes we want to keep the mystery behind those ideas a novelty.

There is always more to be discovered the longer the mystic remains cryptic. Such is true about space, science, and everything we once knew — to savor passing on what was just intuition and molding it into articulation. There is a journey from start to finish, hence full stop.

There is no light without the dark, and if we’re chasing the dark, then you can happily wonder why you’re so bright.

Clashes Breed Insight

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Of course, we can’t always agree. But that should never be the point. We should be ourselves in how we communicate, as there is no contest when it comes to the truth. But there is a class in understanding what you want from a conversation.

Some of us speak, others listen, but then there are those who seek. They may not agree or disagree, but they want to learn more so that they may grow their internal tree. A sturdy core but with leaves that shake, as there is never room for certainty as we grow with each instance of doubt.

Everything evolves. Fundamentals of gravity can change, but what cannot change is change itself. Science can only react to what happens, but it can never be a medium of truth. There is no celebration for the prediction, only a study into the predisposition. What matters is how we take the information for growth, not glamor. For every adversity is a choice, and only after untangling that disconnection will you find an opportunity.

Is it really the canvas, or is it the shadow? That the light is so big that we only see the shadow first and then maneuver ourselves to see the sprinkles of light. This is why we have our own perspectives because we have to make out what is already there. We don’t have a truth, and we certainly don’t have an opinion, we just have a sneeze — with its busy before and awkward after.

Silence Speaks Sparks

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We have a say in many things, but it’s about knowing when to act and when to react. There is a power in silence. It builds tension and curiosity. Try to speak less, try to speak last.

Every second, we move forward, but we don’t always progress. This is because we need to give ourselves time.

If we did always progress, we’d lose everything else along the way. But what’s the point of reaching that destination when you’ve left behind the very determination. This is why we must always move, not forward, but toward the definitive.

Destiny is an algorithm playing itself out infinitely. You can never beat the system because your answer lies at the ends of one of those threads. It’s more about finding which path to connect to. And with every path comes someone new.

Our own connection is the conservation of how much we suppress and how much we express, for that is how we build a conversation with something to pass and something to filter, but definitely for something kinder and brighter. The philosophy behind conversations isn’t in what we say, what we know, or what we feel, it is in how we transform our words to wisdom in a world which only knows war and violence.

Black is when all light is absorbed, so first, there needs to be light for there to be void. There is a ying before a yang but if there is no yang before ying then there can be no ying to follow. What this means is that there is always a start and an end before there is a middle. There is the truth, and it ends with justice, the middle can be lies and riddles, but there is nothing stopping time’s missile.

Emotions are a Commotion

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Words have power. Hence, there is a ‘d’ before anger in danger. We react strongly to that which clashes with our beliefs. But we shouldn’t be so rigid about what we are. Because while we may argue this or that, we may not be either in few years.

The roots of our being, emotions, they stop us from understanding what we want. Our emotions want to be fulfilled, they seek gratification, yet they fail to persist when it comes to patience. This is because there is never a definitive.

We have to commit to something so that we can have the freedom to reject others. Once we are locked, we will be loaded, but if we are stranded, we will remain floating. It’s how one always leads to the other, but if there is no one then there will be no two.

And just like how there was always an electromagnetic spectrum right before us, we never knew it until now. Everything is always there, it’s how we perceive it where the fault and flaw lies. We know we make mistakes, we know we don’t get better, but we also know we’re reaching an end. What does that mean for us? More so a reality check into what we will cash as our cheque.

Just try a little, to maybe find yourself wrong. In it, there is no wrong, as that is the only way to be right, because what is left is what shines bright.

Everything is Wrong, but Nothing is Right

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Is everything I said a contradiction? Is everything you hold a conviction just an assumption? And if there is no right or wrong, then where is the truth? Well, there is none.

In a world full of failures do we search for success, and in a world full of light do we despair, because nothing is ever so clear as everything that is in sight.

There is so much we have to deal with. We go from a peaceful sleep where nothing matters to a piece-full wake where everything shatters. But if we learn early on to go with the flow, everything starts to glow. This is because we’ve committed to a destiny that is meant to grow.

See, we are always moving forward. But it’s how we move, not how far we go. It’s who we are, not who we will be. But, but, but, it is when we face our future do we become our present. As that future will never come, it will only welcome.

It really intrigues me just how much obvious stuff we’ve yet to ascertain and entertain. You know how you find something you’re so used to fascinating all of a sudden? Or how we miss something gone, or how we see someone again and again after we notice them? That’s because you finally understand that it had more meaning to you. We don’t realize what’s in our faces until we understand its truth. Whether in our sight or not, everything reflects its light.

Conversation Starts with You

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Well, not really, it really starts with ‘c’. Or does it start at the sea? Or with how far we can see. See, it just doesn’t matter.

Learn to be open and true with yourself. If you can converse with yourself first, then you can converse with anyone. This is because the world becomes your truth, and others will find their truth through you.

The art of conversation isn’t about what you talk about or who you talk with and how, but it’s about the process of taking your own conception to its very conclusion as you too are a message to be read.

Not to sound desperate, but we are a biography. We are a story in the making, so what is it that you want to say?

Where do we lack the light? The ocean, space, and our own minds. A triquetra of universes that tickle our intrigue. We know almost nothing about what is so close to us or huge to us. We’ll always be just as silly as smart, but that is just another art of understanding that we think with our heart.



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