One Piece Chapter 1073 Review: Stussy Reveals Herself

Voice of One Piece: The 5 Elders Make a Move


We finally have a member of the Gorosei make a move. Now, can they even fight, or is Saturn only making an appearance to order the Seraphim back to the World Government’s control?

It’s nice to see Stussy as a Vegapunk spy. It makes the whole government structure all over the place. Stussy has always been such an interesting character, so I’m glad Oda is using her more, especially with her espionage skills versus Kaku and Lucci.

We finally got a glimpse of Zoro versus Mihawk. It almost seems like a fight we’re never going to truly get, so Oda must be teasing us.

And once again, another reveal with Weevil but only to have him captured? We didn’t even get to see his clash with Green Bull. Even a panel or two would have been interesting as to see his true potential.

The chapter ends with Saturn and Kizaru making it to Egghead.

Not a lot happened, but when you consider it as a part of the great whole, it’s a great transition piece with moments you want to enjoy.



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