One Piece Chapter 1050 Review: An Underwhelming Conclusion

Voice of One Piece: Straw Hat Luffy Sleeps Soundly

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2 min readMay 29, 2022


For a fifth chapter now, nothing much has happened. This is unlike One Piece, where the story progresses each chapter. Essentially, Kaido falls into the ground as Luffy passes out into Yamato’s lap.

Aside from that, Momonosuke decides to not open the borders just yet, presenting himself to the people of Wano.

The best moment was perhaps the one with the lanterns and Yoko’s homage to Shimotsuki Yasuie. And perhaps Yamato’s panels.

Kaido didn’t awaken, Oda finished him off with a punch as he said he wan’t to, and there were no consequences to a war against an Emperor. This has been beyond underwhelming from a One Piece arc and especially conclusion. I’m hoping I’m wrong, and some part of me still wants to believe in Oda, but he’s scribbling out garbage for a large part of Onigashima.

Even Momonosuke was robbed of his moment regarding successfully using his clouds to land Onigashima safely. Why would Oda build that up so much, just to skip the actual landing.

The starting of Wano was a fun adventure, the Yasuie and SMILE stuff was intriguing, the Oden flashback was one of the best in the series and it climaxes with the traitor reveal, but the outrageously slow pacing and bland fights of Onigami leaves a terrible stain on how good Wano could have been.

Act 3 still isn’t over, and we don’t know how long it will be for sure, so there’s still some hope left as to a lot of crazy events taking place, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for too long.

Though witht he eruption at the end, we could see a ressurgence from Kaido and Big Mom, with hopes that Marines and Blackbeard Pirates show up. It’s come to a point where theories, fanfics, and plain headcanon is more interesting than Wano itself. It’s sad state to see my favorite series fallen this out of shape.

One Piece Chapter 1050 Review

It’s plainly underwhelming how Oda clowns his fans. There’s no reason to drag the events out this much, which could have been effectively used to build story, lore, world, and mystery.

The truly sad part is that there’s no real content to even criticize or enjoy either way, so there’s not much to review.



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