Mental Health Matters: Tiny Tip 31

Moments of Meditation: Rewire Your Mind


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If we can just rewire how we think, we can enable ourselves to see victory while surfing through misery.

It’s hardly the external factors that determine our internal tractors. It’s really up to us on how we want that externalization to impact our internalization. They’re both entities we have to be mindful of, but in ways that one becomes our path to success while the other is the reason for our success.

Pleasure is fleeting while happiness is fulfilling. One is like cotton candy — it looks fun yet much like our childhood; it vanishes away after a bittersweet symphony. The other is more like a warm hug — it stays within our grasps long after it’s gone, much like our favorite melody. We feel its waves go back and forth as it embeds within us.

Pleasure is something we get. Happiness is something we give.

So if you’re ever going through a harder time, instead of voicing complaints or remarks, internalize that expression through a question.

  1. “Am I being realistic?”, “Am I following what I want?”, and “Am I the source of my sadness?”
    These may come as harsh, but it allows us to view our misery with modesty. This isn’t a blame game, but it’s a check as to our own actions. We can’t control everything, but we can control how we react to it.
  2. If yes, then look for where you are in your marathon. But also find out what kinds of sprints you want to take on to achieve the prints you want to leave the sparkles to your own glints.
  3. If no, then you have to change trajectory to follow a new directory. We’re all meant for something, and you just have to find your treasury.

Ultimately, how we receive the world is how we first perceive it. You can capture all emotions and maneuver all decisions if you first learn to control yourself.



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