Mental Health Matters: Tiny Tip 29

Moments of Meditation: Write a Letter to Yourself

Sarim Khan - A Blog About You
2 min readJan 31, 2023
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You don’t have to depend on someone else for support, especially as such a reliance can become an emotional drug. It’s great to have company, but don’t hold yourself in custody to your own misery.

There are countless ways to connect with ourselves. We can express through media, learn through academia, or create art through simple any idea. But to really connect with where we are and where we want to go, we must write it out. So that we can externally visualize what we can’t internally analyze.

Not only that, but it allows us to rank what matters to us. By listing it all out, we go through the first step of venting, but without the emotional misdirection of others. When we express to others, we’re looking for excuses, but when writing it out, we’re holding ourselves accountable to our honesty and integrity.

And we realize that our issues were never impossible or distant, we just created such boundaries to avoid the insecurities. But we didn’t realize that we actually let them consume us, but now, there’s a way to face our fears through sheer supremacy.

This letter to yourself can be one about past mistakes, present regrets, or future fears but once you know what it is that is holding you back, that’s how you’ll push back to sling away.

So go ahead, write it all out. Be your own therapy, one that makes you happy yet leads you to transparency.

Write to find out what’s right.



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