Mental Health Matters: Tiny Tip 28

Moments of Meditation: Your Focus is Your Locus


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There are things we want to do, things we think we want to do, and then things we think we should be doing, but all of these are weak compared to what we don’t want.

Fear, hesitance, rejection are all motivators for us to find excuses. But who are we really fooling? It’s not wrong for us to avoid what we don’t want, but it is negligent of us to stray away from what is new.

Firstly, we need to be aware of what is around us and beyond us. To reach where we want to be, we must be aware of all our obstacles. There will always be distractions which keep us from our ideal interactions. And these aren’t something we need to eliminate, we just have to portion how we want to utilize them.

But really, it’s about intersecting interest and priority. We avoid the things we really want because we either believe we don’t deserve it or are not good enough for it. Because it requires a new routine. It requires us to find time in our already hectic schedules. We aren’t really avoiding what we want, we’re just missing out on what life wants from us.

It’s our daily micros that guarantee our beefy macros. We don’t necessarily have to reinvent ourselves, we just have to reconfigure how we get things done.

Every beautiful dress was once a mess, so be ready to play guest before you become the best, for every center is always out of place until viewed from the right presenter.



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