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Philosophy: Courtesy is the Cover to Secrecy

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A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know. — Diane Arbus

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Be Kind for You are One of a Kind

Courtesy is all about pretense, while kindness is about patience. So don’t mix up deception for their discretion, for it’s only meant for an impression.

We’re experienced enough to know what we want from someone. We’re hardly ever looking for someone who’s courteous as there be may be a charm to nice, but it’s charisma where there’s spice.

We want confidence, and those kind enough can afford such an etiquette. So speak less and listen more, for every word will have a different meaning when you give them their attention as they’ll demand your retention.

There is power in silence, one which holds many secrets and just as many who seek it. It is as easily attained as easily lost, but those who earn it get to burn it.

A secret is only delightful as a riddle or envelope. Either it gives us enough hints, confident that it’s meant for us to understand, provided we’re ready for it. Or one delivered to us for our sunk time or activities, such a gift that is based on our own guesstimate.

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A War of the Mind

People are hardly who they ever seem to be. They show us who they want us to see, we then pick out what we want, and we’re left of a funny sense of familiarly, one of fictitious fact.

I’m sure people close to you don’t really pretend to be nice. They’re just the way they are. And that’s how we want it. We want to see them as who we’ve accepted them to be, so why ever expect anyone else to be different.

I think we should allow people to take off their masks, for that’s how we can weigh our compatibility with them a lot faster than just playing along.

Sometimes it’s a psychological warfare to understand one another without being direct, but it all depends on what you prioritize the game or the gain…



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