How to Notice the Beauty All Around You

Fables of Philosophy: Beauty is an Indication of Your Own Strength

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4 min readFeb 3, 2022


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. — Kongzi Confucius

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Beauty is less about the way we something else, and more about how we see ourselves in something else. We are attracted to what feels similar, either to our past attachments or what we presently lack.

It’s more of a way to support system that allows us to connect with something helpful.

And while it’s true that everything has its own beauty, it’s not always for us to detect that quality for it may no be for our growth or pleasure.

Beauty is a bond, allowing us to face our own familiarity. You may feel attached to things you may not understand for you connect it with something else that means strongly to you. It comes from a source we forget exists, but it’s always in our vicinity, it’s our shadow’s destiny and our sight’s pastry — for the sun is always gazing down upon us with all its glory.

There may be beauty in the eyes (of the beholder), but all such satisfaction is credited to our nervous system and light’s spectrum. For our eyes are only a medium which weds the romances between pulses and waves, electric and solar.

There are countless mediums which we use to sense that succinct spectacle without the need for the visual. And it’s once you close your eyes that you truly perceive. Her voice whispers it’s vehemence into your vulnerable vehicle for violence, her touch tickles your tendons with tremendous tutelage, her scent swims with suave significance, swirling as tsunamis in your sweet and soft sentiments, and her flavor flourishes through your fervid favor for finishing together forever as a furor for feverish fancy.

There is no real indicator for how sight may fool us, but our other sensations fuel us. So detect with your sight, but inspect with the rest of your senses. Sometimes it’s our heart that speaks to us louder than anyone’s voice. So don’t ignore your own alarm, for it it’s know you better than yourself. And it’s when we trick ourselves into believing or wanting does such a sight turn into a blight with the aim to pushing us under its might, so listen to Her voice, for it’s Her beat that’s…



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