Who Are You To Them, To Those You Are Them?

Friendship is a Flood tied to Blood

Journey to Juggle: Friendship is a Face Full of Flow

The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb— Heinrich der Glîchezære

Friendship by Sarim Khan’s Fantasiliam
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As tasked to write on this topic, one I’ve passively avoided, I begin this journey with uncertainty. Uncertainty not because I may lack the ability or understanding, but the uncertainty of perhaps confirming what I may know. The uncertainty surrounding the very certainty of knowledge and why something that feels so near and dear to many feels distant to me.

I’ve come to a point where I find the term ‘friend’ or ‘friendship’ somewhat apprehensive. I believe the term is used quite vaguely or lightly in most cases. You can’t ever truly know who is your friend or what they mean to you until you view their recessions, until you live their sensations, until you breathe their intentions.

Friendship will come, and it will flow on to you as a flood. One that you won’t understand because it will take you on a journey. One that you’ll enjoy because it’s a cause for displacement, a pause for amazement, and a clause for containment.

It’s a valley and a depression all at once. Not because it’s narrow or deep, but because it makes you squeeze and wheeze. But not in a negative sense as true friendship will test you to be better, not just for yourself but for them too.

As with any destination, the journey is a jungle full of hesitation — until that very stillness becomes a moment of clearness. It moves us, for better or worse, out of one zone and into another cone. But at the end of that sliding, transparent maze lies a clear, open funnel that filters who we were and sprinkles who we are — an amalgamation known as the enigma we like to call our will, our soul, our spirit, but most importantly ‘us’.

For we’re hardly just ourselves, and not just personas or roles, but we’re a fraction of all those we keep in our lives. We nurture their nature until it becomes a creature of our own creation.



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