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Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review: The Tears Between Metal and Flesh

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6 min readSep 18, 2022

Looks Like A Prison From Here, A Cage Of Light — Lucy, Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Review

Perspective into Review

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners explores a far deeper cast of characters within the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, and perhaps this is what the setting always needed — an emotional hook to welcome you into Night City.

What seems to be an underdog story of David and his struggles with poverty and crime is layered with dark truths yet soft romances within this deceptively beautiful world.

David was able to bask in memorable memories and indulge in fleshy bonds despite giving himself away to the technology. It’s truly a story about losing everything material, so that you can leave a message that is ethereal.

This anime series fills the game’s world with newfound life, one that is now instilled with David and Lucy’s stories. It serves as a connection between stories, and fulfills the obvious void a new IP begins with.

Personally, Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t a very memorable experience due to its shallow combat, bland characters, messy plot, and lifeless city — and that’s all without the bugs. But this show changes that, it adds the much missing personality that Night City, and its denizens needed.

For a large part of the cyberpunk appeal lies in the fantasy of becoming a tech-god, but where does it ever feel accomplished and does it ever end? That’s more of the question the anime lays out subtly and attempts to throughout the series.

David loses his mother early on, and feels more distant than emotional. This is an aspect he shares with his threshold to use cybernetics to enhance this strength and abilities, and it seems only then does he feel more connected to the women in his life. Whether it’s his mother, Lucy, or the other girl at the end, his journey balances new normals and familiar bizarres.

Yes, David is special, but the anime quickly rectifies this with the fact that that’s something that’s ordinary about him. It’s something the city…



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